Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Piece to My Puzzle -- Any ideas?

I mentioned a couple posts ago that our son Rand was wanting to stay in Mankato and needing a place to live. While he has made tons of progress and is a really neat kid, he's not quite ready to move in with just anyone who advertises on Craig's list. He will still need our help managing his money, but if he had a stable person to room with who wasn't the kind of person who might take advantage of him, he would do great.

Mankato is the place in his life that Rand has felt the most stable and it took him about five years to be established here. He currently volunteers with Young Life and is very involved in that group and he has made good friends there and is on their leadership team. He is very connected to several people in our church and has good friends there as well.

Rand has been with us since he was 11 and has made so much progress. He graduated from High School on time with a fairly decent GPA. He has never been involved in any kind of partying and has no addictions (other than the food addiction he shares with his parents I suppose). He is kind and very helpful and loves to please people (except his mother sometimes). He has an easy going personality and everyone who meets him likes him. He has a contagious belly laugh and loves to have a good time.

He has completed a year of college, works full time, is in the process of purchasing a car, and he is doing a good job of not spending more than he makes, even though finances are tight for him. He is completely independent as far as getting himself up and ready for things and helps out with his younger siblings. His degree is in culinary arts and he has a lot of experience with grocery shopping and meal preparation and loves to cook for others. He takes initiative with snow shoveling ;-) I could even see him living in the basement of an elderly couple helping them with lawn care, snow shoveling, heavy lifting, etc.

An ideal situation for Rand would be one or two other guys in a Mankato apartment or a room or more in another family's home where he could help out. If you know anybody who is currently wanting to rent an apartment with someone, or a family or couple who would have a room or more to spare, please email me at maeflye at mac dot com.


DynamicDuo said...

Could you check with ARC or Smiles, they may know of someone, I believe Smiles also has programs to help with money-budgets etc. I'll ask around and see if anyone knows of a suitable situation for him.

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