Friday, September 30, 2016


Yesterday I was having coffee with a friend here in Danville (yes, I have 2 friends that I don’t work with. Don’t faint). She and I were talking about those nagging things on a person’s to-do list that just sit there because for whatever reason they just aren’t something we want to do. You know what I’m talking about? They aren’t necessarily hard … just things that for some reason or other just aren’t getting done.

We agreed that it would be really smart to put a day on the calendar each month where we took that to do list and put it in order with the thing we want to do least at the very top and then prioritize the list in that way. And then tackle them one by one and get as many done as possible on that day.I decided that the last Friday of the month would be perfect time to do it because I do not want to head into another month with those things on my list. And if it goes well maybe I’ll even do it every Friday ….

So here I am, it’s the last Friday of the month and I’m calling it #finishwellfriday. Since I have worked over 40 hours already this week, I’m going to have a few personal things on my list as well. A couple of examples for my list are to call MN and figure out how to replace the title on my vehicle that we lost…. to negotiate a lease for two of our sons with developmental delays that live in MN … to make sure that our new doctor takes the new insurance that starts tomorrow…. to stick a copy of Robert’s book in the mail for my mother along with some pictures….to read the difference between Exempt and Non-Exempt employees, and to finish an article about the culture of trauma based care that our camp director sent me at the beginning of the month… you’re getting the idea, huh? And, if time allows i”m going to clean up ALL my email (only 58 to go, not bad) and clean off my desk.

I’m sure you are all laughing at me and thinking I”ll never get it done but that just motivates me.

Wanna join me? Wouldn’t it be cool if #finishwellfriday went viral?

Have fun folks…. Comment here or on Facebook if you decide to try it today. Even for a couple of hours.

Ready, set, GO!

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Meg said...

I found your blog after Pastor Bart mentioned your books at church on the 18th. Before I even read it, I'd already done two unpleasant tasks today: visiting Centra for labs (my insurance changes tomorrow, too) and shredding the month's junk mail. So nice and relaxing to have those chores done. I'll mark #finishwellFriday on my calendar again for October 28; thanks for the idea.