Saturday, March 04, 2017

2 Months of Bullet Journaling....

So.....   two months into Bullet Journaling and I still love it.   I've probably decreased my obsession a bit, but I feel good about the way it makes me live intentionally.

Last month I gave you a list of some of the ideas.  I'm continuing many of them, but you might be asking, "So, what have you added this month?"  Well, I'm glad you asked. Let me tell you.

  • At church we are finishing up a book on writing Psalms, so I have a page for each of the 8 Psalms I'm going to write (two of them are done) based on the book.
  • I have started dedicating a page to any non-fiction book I've read.  After I finish the book, I look up a summary online and outline it.  The page from the book Switch is the page that turned out the best, so you can see that above.  It also may encourage you that you can do bullet journaling without a bit of artistic talent.
  • Bart and I have begun a challenge to cook a meal from 21 different countries this year, so I have a page for that.
  • I made a list of restaurants we want to try.  After only a year here we are stuck in old patterns and there are so many more places to check out that we haven't yet experienced.  
  • I also started tracking all of our expenses to compare from month to month.   It's been quite insightful.
  • I added a page for every one of Covey's 7 Habits so that I can jot down ideas of ways that I am practicing those habits.
  • I also have a couple other pages to help me track the way that I want to add value to others around me.
  • I made a wish list to counteract Frugal February.  Something has to be on the list for a least two weeks until I buy it ... to make sure I really want it.  
  • I also started a page to track the TV series Bart and I watch together.  Too often I find myself sitting there watching him flip through channels which basically means that as soon as I"m interested in something he switches it.  So I told him we will pick series together and then if he wants to just graze through the 300 channels, I'll go do something else.
  • Every weekday at work I send a song to my staff.  I have a page now that lets me put ideas of those songs there so I don't forget to include them.
  • I made a goal page for February and met every goal!
  • I have also kept track of how many miles I drive just because it's a lot and tracking it makes me feel smug somehow.
I am still loving Bullet Journaling!  It keeps me motivated.  For example, I have read 12 books in 2 months and am almost done with another one.   I would never have done that if I didn't have the reward of coloring in my books on the shelf!

Have you started your bullet journal yet?

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