Friday, March 31, 2017

Finishing Well

The words "finish well" can be used in many different cases.  They are often used when a person leaves one job to go to another.   It is particularly challenging when you want to are looking forward to your next season of life but you want to honor those who have been your coworkers and friends by leaving in the best possible way.

Finish well can also be used to refer to how we end life.  As a pastor, Bart has helped many families say goodbye to loved ones and has watched many people end life well.   As his wife, I have been part of that journey.  My dad, who went to heaven nearly 4 years ago, ended his life very well at the age of 90.  It was a joy to be with him those last few weeks of his earthly journey.

I have coined this term: #FinishWellFriday as an attempt to get myself to do the things that have been hanging over my head on Friday's before the weekend.   I also invite others to join my in that quest.

Finishing well takes intentionality.  It takes taking time to define what "well" means and what things would be part of ending well.  This is easy to do when it comes to a list of three things on Friday, but it is my goal to make the same kind of internal list that drives me to finish life well.  I am reminding myself to ask these kind of questions:

What do I want to be known for when I finish this life?  What do I want people to remember?  What do I want them to say about me?

Because in answering those questions I will know what to do today, this week, this month, this year.

Join me today in #FinishWellFriday.... and maybe spend some time thinking about #FinishWellForever.

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