Thursday, March 09, 2017

Just Not Strong Enough

Are you like me?  Do you have some days when you feel really confident about your skills and abilities but others when you aren't so sure you're strong enough to do what is ahead of you?

Today the task before me seems daunting and I wonder if I have what it takes.  Today I am working on a powerpoint that may be the most important presentation I ever give or have ever given.  The executive committee of our board is going to meet on Tuesday, and I am going to need to try and switch a paradigm that has existed for 56 years.  The paradigm they possess is older than I am and it MUST change.

I care deeply about this for many reasons, some of them personal and some of them professional.  I am very passionate about kids being in homes instead of institutions, kids being in a permanent healthy family on their 18th birthday, and the least restrictive setting for every child.

I need to convince a group of people, some who have been on the board for decades, that we need to "close the orphanage" and join the orphan care movement.   There are so many nuances and so much to communicate and I need to do it just right.

So, if you think about it, pray for me today as I work on this powerpoint.... And pray for our board that they will realize how great the need for change is and that they will choose to do what is best for children.

And if you are having a day like mine, I think this song might be a great reminder for us both:

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