Saturday, March 04, 2017

Saturday Summary 3.0

Wow.  It's been quite the week.   Not as eventful as a pacemaker for my mom and an unexpected sister-in-law, but it seems like several things have happened.

First of all, my friends in California that I've been mentioning is still in ICU.   Please keep praying for him and his parents.  This picture may help you remember.  You can also support his parents with their extra expenses here if you're interested.

My work week included presenting at the Residential Care staff meeting which I had not done since I hired a director for that program back in August.  It was a tough but good meeting.   Tuesday was full of meetings from start to finish, Wednesday Bart and I had a fun lunch together and then we had an imperfect Ash Wednesday service.   Oh No.   

Thursday I got to work from home and yesterday I had meetings in Lynchburg.

Personal stuff included date night on Thursday night Bart and I headed to go bra shopping (I know, I know, TMI, but true), get haircuts, and try a cool new restaurant.    Last night we had so much fun with a couple of our favorite 70+ year olds from church.   They are adoptive parents which has made getting to know them even more fun.

I have had contact with our son John who called us from jail.  Please help us pray that they will let him fulfill his prison sentence at MN and Adult Teen Challenge.  He reports that he has a spot and that it is a 13 month program that you leave alcohol and drug with a job, a GED, housing, a vibrant faith.  If anyone can help him, they can, so pray that this becomes reality (if you're looking for something to pray about).

I also booked tickets for a trip to MN in May.  We are only going to be able to afford a few day stay (this is what happens when you have a husband who only wants to stay in hotels). so I'm not sure how many folks we will be able to see outside of family.

In the last eight days I have been able to have lunch or dinner with all three of my "direct reports" -- three of the most amazing leaders I have ever worked with.  I love hanging out with them and feel privileged to be their "boss."

Finally, I made it through Frugal February not spending anything other than a few pictures I ordered for my mom.  My rules were nothing but essentials and I made it.  But boy, March 1st came along and I ordered some new markers that I am very excited about :-)

Stay tuned for a report on my 2nd month of Bullet Journaling.  :-)


Lee Patterson said...

How is your friend's son doing in hospital? Prayers continue.

Claudia said...

Much better! He is up walking around, out of ICU, and should be going home within the next couple weeks. Doing much better than expected!