Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Summary

I started this post with a whiny paragraph but I deleted it.  Be grateful :-)

Good and exciting things are happening at work.  I still love my job and am energized by the mission and the ways that God is working in and through staff and clients as well.   While progress is never as fast as I wish it were, we are heading in the right direction -- we have a plan, we know how to implement it, and we are increasingly adding gifted people to our staff.  In fact, one of my favorite people is going to come serve as the Chief Operating Officer at PHFS in just a few weeks.   We have worked together before, so we get to skip all of the "get to know you" stage and jump right in to getting things done.  I'm very grateful that God has chosen him of the job and that He listened to God!

Personally I'm in a slump.   My back procedure that I had 9 days ago has provided very little pain relief.  I had such high hopes!  It has, however provided me with many side effects including battling with high blood sugars, sleeplessness, anxiety and feeling just a few steps away from everything.  It's an odd feeling and makes makes me second guess myself -- a feeling I'm not familiar with.   My health is deteriorating and I have zero motivation to make improvements when I am in pain.

On top of it all at 10:17 on Tuesday morning my throat started to hurt and then I ended up with the sniffling, sneezing, headache, sinus, cough... you get it.  I won't go on.

The week with the family has been fairly uneventful form our perspective.  There have been moments where I've been shocked at the absurdity of some of our kids choices and behaviors, but that's pretty much been a daily feeling for 20 years.  You'd think we get used to it.   Sadly, the days are gone where I can tell you in great detail about their antics..... but they can all read and they might click here.   To their defense, some of them are doing VERY well.

The grandchildren are delightful and we love having them here.  Carlos is learning some new words and has added thank you, sorry, and a very cute version of "Love you" to his vocabulary.  Gabby is as delightful as ever.... always pleasant and cooperative with us and mature and smart beyond her years.

I had a chance to hang out with a couple of my friends here in Danville this week for coffee which is always fun.  Also had a great time with coworkers at a training on Monday... really good stuff about trauma.  We also had Venezuelan food for lunch.   Yum.   And Wednesday we had all staff meeting with a couple of powerful, very moving presentations.  

So in looking back it was a pretty good week.... Guess I don't have as much to whine about as thought!  Hope your week was good as well.

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