Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Do you have a script that you wrote for you life?  Have a plan that you came up with that you figured you would always follow?

I heard a podcast today interviewing sports caster Ernie Johnson, Jr. who recently wrote a book called Unscripted:  The Unpredictable Moments that Make Life Extraordinary.    He talks about how his life began to gain meaning when he went off script.  He speaks of the moment when his wife was in Romania holding a little boy they were planing to adopt.  She called him, told him the little boy had some medical issues, and asked him, "Should we adopt him anyway."  And he said, "yes, bring him home."   He points back to that moment as the time when his life went off script and God began to write the script of his life.

I love that idea -- that when we move out of our comfort zone -- when we go off script and  stop following our plan for our lives and let God take over.

I am glad that I have made choices in my life -- to leave a fairly prestigious job for a 28 year old and sell everything and move to Mexico.   To do foster care as newlyweds.  To adopt twelve kids.  To move across the country when we thought we would never leave Minnesota.   These have all been ways that God has showed up in incredible ways.

Adoption is one way that people can go Unscripted.   I love this video and the family who is in it... and the families I know who have been inspired to adopt because of it.   Thought I'd share it with you.

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