Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Summary

Once again the week has been a blur!   It started with church, Sunday School, church and lunch out as it typically does.  We were excited that Bart declared Chipotle to be an approved place to eat as it had been on the "no way" list for several years.   I was starting a very regimented food plan that day, so I needed a place where I could eat healthy.  Chipotle has a few options that work with the meal plan.

Monday and Tuesday I had Lynchburg meetings and spent Monday night and Tuesday nights in my Brookneal apartment.  I spent both evenings working on the sequel to the novel which I am trying to write in November.  It's going well and I may finish faster than last year's record which was 19 days.  Wednesday was all day staff meeting which was all about TBRI.

I was able to come home Wednesday night for supper and praise band practice and stayed here on Thursday.   Friday, because of the incredible generosity of an anonymous person who loaned Dominyk for a new vehicle, we headed up to Brookneal to get the vehicle for him and my company car as the October 21st accident still isn't resolved.  I worked up there for most of the day.

Between a fun time job, the fundraiser, my novel, and training for the 2.6 mile marathon in March, as well as helping Bart care for grandkids, it has been a packed week.  Add the countless calls regarding the vehicle situation and I was exhausted by Friday night.  Bart and I had dinner with our friend Betty and her friend Sonja and I was nearly falling asleep at the table.  I was in bed by 8, no lie.   And slept until 5 this morning when I started doing some novel writing.

Bart has been cleaning like a crazy person all day while I've been trying to get as many words written as possible.  

Not sure there is much more to tell.  I'm losing weight and gaining muscle at the trainer's and with the food plan.  I'm a third of my way there on my fundraising goal.  May drive people nuts before it's over.

No plans tonight other than taking care of the grandkids.  

I think I may need a nap.

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