Friday, July 20, 2018

Got Any Storms?

There are a lot of biblical metaphors for hard things in life.  Mountains, rivers, giants....

Today I ask, “Have any storms?”

Are you in a season of your life where everything seems to be coming at you at the same time?  Sky is black, rain is falling hard, wind is thrashing you from here to there?   

It Matthew 8 the  disciples found themselves in such a storm.   They were all upset fearing they would drown but Jesus he was asleep.  This part of the story always makes me smile because I can picture the disciples yelling at each other and expressing their thoughts “We’re all gonna die!!!!!!!”  And I can just see Jesus, waking up groggy, and thinking to himself, “Good grief, guys, what’s the big deal?”  And the words He actually said were (my paraphrase) “Where’s your faith?  Why are you so afraid?  I’ve got this!"

Rembrandt captured it well I think:

And He proceeds to calm the storm.

If you’re in that situation today — afraid of the storm — picture yourself waking up a perfectly confident Jesus.   Listen to him say to you, “Why are you so afraid?  I’ve got this."

And then whether He calms the storm or calms you, be grateful that we serve One who can do either and do it well.

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