Friday, August 16, 2019

Running out the Darkness

Have you ever noticed that utter darkness is not possible if there is even a glimpse of light?  No matter how deep and cold darkness is, one single light, even one match or one candle, can change it.

That is why Jesus says to us, His people, “You are the light of the world” because each time one of us let’s our light shine, darkness is an impossibility.

As you have probably noticed, I have been consumed for years with the desire to see each believer recognize their responsibility when it comes to dispelling the darkness for those kids who are in foster care or those children who are marginalized and at risk of being separated for their families.   Jesus never had a plan B.  He said that we are His body, we are His hands and feet.  If we don’t do it, He can’t do it.   We are the solution.

I love this section of the song “Power” by “We are Messengers”.  May this be what you and I are doing in our communities, in this city, in this region, in our homes, in the schools our children and grandchildren attend, in our neighborhoods, and every place we go.  And may we be a constant reminder to others around us that WE ARE THE LIGHT…. no point cursing the darkness unless we are willing to shine.

Yeah, we're running out the darkness
Chasing down the dead of night
We're bringing hope to the streets
There's a new way, a better life

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