Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Are you a bringer?

Remember the story in John 6?  People were hungry and the disciples were trying to figure out how to feed them.  Phillip said, “No way, dude!  We can’t possibly find the money to buy what we need!”

But Andrew was different.  He came to Jesus not focusing on what they didn’t have, but on what they did have.  A small boy with five loaves and two fish.   That’s it.  But he brought them anyway.  And we know the rest of the story.

Pastors and biblical scholars refer to Andrew as “The Bringer.”    He is only mentioned a few times in Scripture but each time he is bringing someone to Jesus — the boy with the lunch, his brother Peter, and the Greeks.   Andrew was a bringer.

If we determine to be bringers here is the kind of life we live:

1)  We recognize that everyone we know needs to be introduced to Jesus;

2)  We find ways to bring others to Him;

3)  We look around at resources and ask “what is it that we have available” — not at the huge need — and we bring whatever we have to Him.

Make a commitment to be a bringer today.   Because when we bring what we have and the folks we know to Jesus, He will do way more with them and with the things we bring than we can ever imagine.

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