Saturday, January 09, 2021

My Favorite Kind of Days

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day.  I have to admit, I was exhausted when it was over -- I'm old, you know, but it was awesome.    Why?  Because I got to talk about what I'm passionate about FOUR times.

I drove an hour and then trained a new county in CarePortal.  I love meeting and talking with DSS workers sharing with them that there is help coming. 

Then I got to have lunch with an amazing person who is living the life I was living 20 years go.  She has adopted some pretty tough kids (ok, understatement) and yet she is resilient, convinced God has this plan for her, and in awe of how much she has learned about Him during this journey.  She also is part of one of the best CarePortal teams we have in her area.   SO FUN!

Then I had coffee (ok, water) with another CarePortal point person and got to know her as well.  That was a great conversation too.

I ended my day with another cup of water with a person I found on LinkedIn who I had reached out to to get to know her.  You know I managed to fit in some conversation about Vision 30 and CarePortal as well.

I returned home to find out that Jimmy and John had made a wonderful chicken enchilada dinner, complete with one pan made with one carb tortillas.   And after dinner Camilla spent some time on Grandpa's lap and I snapped some really great pictures, including the one above.

If you are having trouble finding energy -- find some people to talk to about what you're passionate, and the energy will return.  That formula has never failed me!

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