Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TI - RED or is it spelled Ti - ERD

I'm just tired. Plain and simple. I came home and started doing things at full speed right away without having any down time and it is starting to take its toll. I really want to be in bed already and it's only 7:00. I may just be forced to have a nap.

I got this far in my blog post and then Bart let me know he needed me to help him get things started at the Laundromat. Because of a misunderstanding, I ended up feeling very responsible for things not going well.... and that made me feel even more tired and crabby. Sorting the laundry also makes me nuts. I mean seriously, in the laundry that they brought to me from the basement where 4 of the oldest boys live a basket that contained flannel jeans (yeah, they've been wearing those this week), Several of Rand's Senior pictures, two miscellaneous shoes that did not match nor fit anyone down there, and a ski mask. There were also several blankets and a set of curtains..... because we need to spend money to wash them.

So now I'm home trying to get things done but a bit too crabby to actually do much.... and Bart is at the laundromat, even crabbier I'm sure. I volunteered to do the laundry for him, but he wouldn't take me up on it.

So tonight we'll get to bed later than planned because the laundry will take forever. And we'll both be in not very good form.

Don't you wish you could be here tonight? Fun times.

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