Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Very Off Day

Not as bad as some people's, but I was off today. Started the day off and it just kept getting worse. Had the big fight with Sears. DIdn't even win. I don't consider the $100 gift card even a marginal victory, but it is better than nothing.

Then I took Salinda to therapy. After therapy she had a doctor's appointment and I got confused about which clinic it was at. So I ended up driving 15 miles before I realized it was up the road from the therapists' office and had to turn around and go back. It took 60 minutes.

Fortunately she was calm and not horribly impatient. She has been doing fairly well in that area lately. She was home last night but is at a friend's now.

I'm more tired than I realized i was and am looking forward to this stupid day being over.

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