Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Great Start to the Day

Up by 5:15, to the Y by 5:30. Best workout in a long time. Came home, wrote for an hour, now reading blogs and blogging. Bart and I have a lunch date set up to talk about a bunch of details about the book.

That's my only meeting today and I am glad as I have much to do. Yesterday was a very productive day. I hope to have two in a row.

Doing so much writing aside from blogging that I haven't been as motivated to blog as I should be, but as y'all know, I go in spurts and I'll be back.

I am having problems syncing my calendar and that is going to get me all worked up until I figure it out, so that's on my agenda for today.

Tomorrow is Salinda's meeting with her Probation Office. I'm sure that that will spur on something. Her attitude has been better the past few days, but it will worsen when she finds out I know a bunch of stuff she doesn't think I know .... that I'd put money on.

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