Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Did Posting that Mean I Was Asking for Drama?

Well, we don't have drama, but we do have is irritation upon irritation.

Dominyk got stuck on not being able to do his lunch dishes. He has done them all summer long on Wednesday at noon. I cannot figure out why, but some Wednesdays he gets right busy, doesn't say a word and finishes them quickly. Other weeks it is complete torture.

Today it was complete torture.

I was trying to figure out Rand's checking account which is a complete mess. I was trying to focus while Dominyk was obsessing about how the dishes were too hard and he couldn't do them. I tried everything. I tried patience. I tried giving him positive attention. I tried changing the subject. I tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked.

So I left to take Salinda to tennis. When I came back, he started up again. He did so while I tried to eat and I was talking too much and eating to fast which, if you have a lap band inside, restricting your intake, is not a good plan. So I couldn't finish my lunch.

He kept going. I was trying to eat and it didn't go well. I had to throw up. I had to throw up again. He kept going. I finally went to play the Wii fit a while. He followed, chanting and whining and moaning and sobbing. I threw up again. I came out. He started again.

Then as soon as it started it stopped and he went up to do the dishes without further complaint.

And I threw up again.

And I still need to throw up one more time.

And that, as I'm sure someone will comment, was way too much information.

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