Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where's Your Website, Claudia???

We are in the process of redoing the website with a new company title... by August 25th we will have an email newsletter and I'll invite you to join it sometime in the next couple weeks.

So if you go to you won't find anything there.


Tonight at the supper table you would have heard this statement:

Me: Hey Bart, here's what we came up with for your speaker's brochure: Bart Fletcher summarizes his passionate adoption advocacy with this quote:

dramatic pause

Dominyk: Beans, beans the magic fruit the more you eat the more you toot....


Maria said...

Hey Fletchers,
It's us the Limones Family from Luverne we now live in Big Spring Tx How is everyone good I hope.?? Maricela was just talking about Easter and was remember all the good time with the Girls and the boys where talking about Jimmy and Tony So we decided to look you all up and Say "Hi" God Bless you Always and Forever.

La Familia Limones

Claudia said...

Wow, Maria! Great to hear from you.....

Email me sometime.... The link is on the blog!