Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Also Overheard

Ricardo had an assignment for Health. He had to make a pyramid of his life and list strengths and weaknesses in the physical, mental, and social areas of his life.

I explained them to him and we had this conversation:

"What about physical, Ricardo? What are your physical weaknesses?"

(Imagine slow, low voice with Hispanic accent)

"What does dat mean mom?"

"What's wrong with your body?


"OH, come on, everyone has a physical weakness."

"No, really mom, I don't have none."

"What about your toe fungus."

"Mom, I'm NOT going to put my toe fungus!"


"Last night I'm lying in bed with my beloved husband. Our pillow talk isn't exactly normal. He somehow ended up touching my face and said, "Wow, you need to do some plucking." I grunted and told him to stop touching it. He said, "Can I help it that you have more testosterone than John Cena?" I responded, I'm so gonna blog that."


Speaking of John Cena, Wilson told me he had gotten me a random gift for my birthday. And random it was. A poster of John Cena, shirtless, flexing his muscles. He put it up for me on my door. "When you're working Mom, it will help to have a sexy man to look at."

What a kid....

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