Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Arrived in Detroit

Well, after a quick hour on the ground in Atlanta, I'm now in Detroit. Have my baggage now and am waiting for another specialist to fly in so we can travel together to the hotel in/near Toledo.

Flights have been uneventful. I let myself buy a book and have it all read already.

And, to keep you from the suspense, the author of this blog is the first person to pay hard cold cash to pre-order our book. A guy who writes daily posts about an alley. Hmmm..... gotta make you wonder.

Of course, this same guy happens to be a terrific Dad that I blogged about in this post last spring.

So we're off and running with the book, but it's kind of funny how things work. When we were thinking ahead to selling a book, we were thinking "I'm sure all of our real friends will buy it." But apparently, from what we've heard, they are all thinking, "Surely Bart and Claudia, if they are our real friends, will give us a free copy."

Quite the dilemma.

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