Friday, September 05, 2008

Beginning Another Day

Went to the YMCA at 5:30 with Rand and then showered and got everyone up. We'll be leaving soon.

As a follow up from last night, the Pringles were fat free so Torina, don't get too excited. They are made with some chemical that gives you diarrhea and they taste like cardboard with spices. Don't get me thinking about real Pringles.

I got to thinking last night after it was all over how many people can actually say they have had a full can of pringles hurled at them. I mean he took off the top, pulled off teh seal, and flung the WHOLE thing at me. I bet it's not many. Kind of like how many people have had their car stolen by two of their own children in different counties on the same night.

Salinda apologized this morning. She remembered to apologize for nearly everything she did this week, so that's good. Although "for last night" is pretty general, she also remembered to include the lie on Wednesday and her behavior at conifmration. She wants something. And she did her dishes last night. Almost all of them. So that drama is over for now. She still huffed and puffed at her consequences and her attitude stinks.... She says she doesn't have a reason for acting like she has been, but I'm not sure I buy it.

I let Dominyk and Wilson sleep in my room last night and Dominyk had all kinds of outbursts -- I can't remember them all now, but he talked in his sleep a lot. Very entertaining if it didn't give me less sleep than ever. hasn't been a good week for sleeping for me.

more later. Time to head to shcool.


Torina said...

You will need to do a series of books after this first one is published :) You can follow it up with your encounters with the law through your kids and then another could be Fun (Not So Much) With Food and you could hit all the hoarding and raging related to food. And the last would just be about Salinda. After she grows up a little and is successful (of course) so there would be a happy ending.

Oh, and as for Fat Free Pringles, those are so wrong on so many levels. I now know why Tony did what he did. (I'm totally kidding ;)

Kathyb1960 said...

You know, Pringles does that to me, too.

And I can't EVEN eat Lays potato chips, which I love, b/c I am allergic to whatever oil they use, and it make me VERY sleepy. I kid you not! One day I was sitting here eating them, and I got so sleepy I had to go take a nap. And sometimes I'll just eat them anyway, but not too often!