Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinner for 3 Hours

Three hours. Nine women. Eight of them parents of at least 4 kids. One woman has adopted more than 50. She's been adopting for 40 years. Lots of stories. Lots of kids lives represented -- tough kids, the kind of kids that nobody else adopts.....

Since MG doesn't have a blog, I have to share two of her amazing stories, though I'll turn them in to one sentence stories.

She got a mother's day card from two of her sons. They both signed the card. Convenient that they were both inmates at the same prison.

And.... her daughter is married to her own daughter's grandfather.

It's true. A long convoluted story, but true.

If we told you this stuff was true you wouldn't believe it, would you?


Linda up north said...

Wow! Could you explain how that worked? ... like the song "I'm My Own Grandpa" ??

Mary said...

Yeah, I think that deserves some sort of family tree graphic to go along with it.