Monday, September 01, 2008

Don't You Hate It When...

There are some things about having a lot of kids with special needs that can make a sane person nuts.

»you think you're caught up on laundry and you see the laundry chute is stuck and when you pull down one pair of jeans an entire load falls all over you?

»you find folded clothes in the halfway down the laundry pile?

»in the middle of a laundry basket full of smelly clothes you find a flannel jacket in the middle of August?

»you realize that you have washed the same flannel jacket 7 times this summer and nobody has worn it?

»you head into the shower, figuring you'd be find because there are six shampoo bottles in the shower until you get your hair wet and grab them one by one until you finally conlcude that every ... single ... one ... is EMPTY?

»you discover that your creative child who likes to multitask while pooping has been carving a potato with his pocket knife and now there are pieces of potato squishing through your toes as you attempt to focus on your own bowel movement experience?

»you have to wipe the toilet seat every time you want to sit on it?

I could go on. But that about covers the FIRST TWENTY MINUTES of my day.



Linda up north said...

Wait... are you sure you are not at my house??

Angela :-) said...

Ah yes, the wiping the toilet seat every time whether it needs it or not. Every time I slack off on that, I get wet. Ugh.

Angela :-)

Maia said...

This totally made me laugh out loud. Right on!