Sunday, September 21, 2008

Made It Safely Home

Well, we made it home last night. We were about 45 minutes from home when we got a phone call. Apparently Dominyk had been outside literally climbing the outside wall of the house, trying to break into our locked bedroom to watch TV. Apparently Salinda had broken in once while we were gone, and it appears this is something they do. Yes, it bothers me. A Lot. But anyway...

He feel, spraining his ankle and possibly breaking his toe. The neighbors who had agreed to have some of the kids over to their house across the street, came over here instead and were taking care of Dominyk until we got home. By the time we were home he was calm, but he didn't sleep well and thus, neither did I. He woke me up several times to tell me how much it hurt until about 1:15 when he finally fell asleep.

Then I had troubling dreams for the rest of the night.

I will blog later about Salinda and where she is and what she is doing this weekend. She's actually doing it with permission... but it's a long story and we're leaving for church soon so I don't have time to get into it all.

The kids seemed to do OK with us being gone otherwise. Nothing major to report other than the room break-ins and the toe-breakage....

Dominyk said he can't help it that he has AdhD (he always puts the emphasis on the second D when he pronounces it) and that Wilson should have tried to stop him from climbing the wall....


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