Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Secret is Out

Well, I wasn't going to mention it, but this morning apparently a whole heck of a lot of people know.

Like And Pepsi. And Spark People. And all the people on my facebook because several have sent me wishes.

My email already has all these "Happy Birthday" messages and it's only 8:21.

Who would have thought that technology would be bringing so many warm fuzzy birthday messages to each of us on the big day.

We'll keep it low key. I often in the past have pretended it's not my birthday, but that makes my kids without issues (and we do have a few) feel bad that they can't celebrate. So I just try to ignore the ones who will completely freak out today when they find out it's a day that is supposed to be about me.

We'll have lunch out and then I have a report to work on this afternoon for work and Salinda needs help on a project for school this afternoon. Something that I'm not all that interested in helping with since she broke into my office while I was gone to use my work phone and did through the family files. Again. I do have a lock on my desk. Guess I'm going to have to start locking the phone and the desk. Now I'm going to have to confront her, listen to her blaming and lies, and have her be crabby with me because while I'm off being a Boy Scout Mom she can't' live without violating my personal space.

heavy sigh. Happy birthday to me.


Linda up north said...

Happy Birthday!

Torina said...

Happy birthday, Claudia!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Claudia!

Here's a little birthday trivia for you:

September 14 is the day President McKinley died in 1901.

Could have lived without knowing that?? Yep...thought so. ;-) That's why it's called trivia.

Have a great day!

Process said...

What would happen if you just said to Salinda something like, "I guess you must have really needed to know something," or "I guess you really wanted me to be angry with you" (depending on what you think the real motivation was) in a calm, almost off-hand tone of voice, and then engaging in the project with her in the usual way?

and Happy Birthday.

Maia said...

Happy Birthday, Claudia!