Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sometimes You Just Can't Do It All

I made it very clear to Mercedes that during this school year, her time for my undivided attention for homework was going to be after school. She and I have historically not had fun with homework together....

So today she takes a full hour after she gets home to have a snack and by that time I was leaving for a football game.... followed by the end of a tennis match ... and a lengthy conversation with Salinda. By the time I got back she was in the bathtub, which took her a full hour.

So she comes downstairs and refuses to do her homework. Says she doesn't want my help, until I threaten her with cell phone loss. Then she gets it and refuses to tell me what page it's on.

So I tell her, "Not gonna do it. Don't need the stress."

And then she really wants to do it bad. But it's too late.

And it's my fault that it's so late at night that she can't get it done.

Yup. All my fault. Like everything else.

Good thing I"m used to it.

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