Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Those Extra 15 minutes and I NEED your creativity

This morning I got up at 5:05 instead of 5:20 so I could head to the YMCA and get back in time to shower and have 15 minutes before I woke everyone up.

These extra 15 minutes are very important for some reason. If I get showered and get done right before it's time to wake the kids up, I feel rushed. But having just fifteen minutes to quickly blog and to read through some email and blogs gets me started well.

I went to sleep feeling fairly at peace with the world. Days are super busy right now, but everyone seems to be on target getting the things done they are supposed to get done. Some of the kids are even pretty tired after their long day of school and then practice and then evening activities.

This weekend is Mom's Camp for boyscouts which Tony and I attended Last year. This year is an Olympic theme and we have to come up with the name of a country for our family. So, using the name Fletcher I have to come up with something creative and make a flag for the country.

By Friday.

It's Wednesday.

Any ideas? ONe family has already stolen the "add ania" to the end, so we can't be Fletcherania and another famiy already took the island idea, so we can't be "Fletcher Islands".

Everyone family in this troop is a classic bunch of over-achievers so there is some need to not be absolutely pathetic.

So, any ideas?


B A Runner 2 said...

How about 'land' like Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland etc. Fletcherland hmmm?

dan long said...

Fletch America
for D & T's appreciation)

FAScinated said...

New Fletcherwick?

The Fletch Republic?

United Fletcherdom?

Hey, I have my own work to be doing! Don't get me started on this! ~Kari

Yondalla said...

I shall add:


Angela :-) said...

I love Fletchulance! It's so perfect for your family somehow. lol

Angela :-)

FAScinated said...

I vote Fletchulance, too! (Now explain what it means to Tony so he'll get the joke!) ~Kari

FosterAbba said...

Fletchermania, since your kids all drive you crazy. :)

nolaffing said...

How about "Fletcherama?"

(like the TV show "Futurama")

Linda B. said...

I'm loving Fletchulance!

Debbie said...

Is United States of Fletchers too obvious? It just reminds me of your family, with the (very) independent states, overseen by a central (parental) government.

Sounds like a fun time!

Mom in MN said...

I like The Fletch Republic, but Fletchulence made me laugh out loud! Now you'll need a design for the flag...