Monday, September 15, 2008

Told Myself I had to Finish a Project First before I could blog

and it took me ALL




Yesterday was a nice day for me. Everyone was pleasant and cooperative and I decided as a birthday present to myself to not even talk to Salinda about anything. I just decided to wait. Now, I have more to confront her about.... maybe i'll put it in writing this time. She's gone until late tonight at a tennis match.

I have had a frustrating morning.... the project I was working on that I can't blog about -- was so very annoying and another work situation =ly annoying. That's equally, by the way. But they are unbloggable.

Rand has been dragging his feet with every single instruction I've given him this morning as he is supposed to be earning his rent.

And oh yeah, I found out yesterday that John quit football without telling anyone and was lying about being at practice, giving him time to hang out with his new girlfriend. He met her only 2 weeks ago and she's telling him she's pregnant. I informed him that two weeks is really quick since he's only known her that long.....and maybe the baby isn't his ... or maybe she's not telling the truth.

I wasn't all that cooperative. John's opinion is that he doesn't need to be in a group home -- that he's ready to live on his own in an apartment. It's just that he needs someone to pay for that apartment. So why can't they just give him the money they are paying the group home.....

I'm not going to be a part of any plan for him to move out on his own. And he's not happy. And I ranted and raved like Cindy says she often does and got all over him about his dumb choices and lack of responsibility, etc.

He got mad. And I didn't care much at that point.

He said he was going to hang up and I said, "OK john, Happy Birthday to me."

But I texted him later and reinforced my love.

But not his choices.


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Torina said...

Aw, don't you want to be a grandma? That is so funny. They are going out and in two weeks she gets pregnant. Young love. Isn't it wonderful? Shall I call you grandma from now on? I'm sorry, this probably isn't as funny on your end :)