Saturday, October 11, 2008

Couldn't Sleep Long

I tried to sleep in this morning, but I ended up just lying there thinking about how many things I needed to and wanted to get done today. Last night was very mellow around here. Bart made Posole, a Mexican soup, that was very tasty. And he and I went for a walk after supper. Later he and I watched a video, "Boys of Baraka" which was an interesting documentary. Salinda, Wilson and Sadie are all spending the night with different friends, and the 8th graders had a friend over, but it was a very calm evening.

Today I am going to continue to work on my presentations for the Texas trip and I may even do a "winter coat" inventory before it gets cold enough we need them. Then there is the very annoying task of glove, snowpants, and hat purchasing. Other than socks, which are the #1 reason to not enjoy a large family, gloves and hats are one of the most annoying parts of my life.

I'm sure the kids have places they'll want me to take them and things they will want me to do..... and that, and my presentations, may fill my day.


FatcatPaulanne said...

Does it help to buy, for example, all black gloves or all white socks? We went to all white socks around here and I only have 3 kids!

We use all black snow pants and then hand them down every year.

Claudia said...

we've tried that. In fact, all our boys shared the exact socks for a while.

It's just that there are so many -- do the math -- just for the kids it's 18 socks a day .... that's 126 socks a week ... 540 a month...6570 a year....