Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And now everything is right with the world once again

I got my computer back.

It's working great.

The only thing I got done this morning was finally configuring my old computer to work so I could get work done and literally the second I started working the phone rang saying I could pick up the computer. Yes, the Iphone that is working, rang.

So I voted and I'm meeting Mike and Kari for lunch and my computer is working and they even had hi-fi at the restaurant we were meeting with.

And now I can breathe again.

Even though I have 157 emails, all is right with the world.

If you are as into technology as I am, you will totally get this whole post. If not, you're probably saying, "you're dumb, mom". Oh wait, that's my kids line.


Torina said...

I am glad you got your computer back! I had mine fixed two weeks ago and I felt like I was missing my best friend. Sad but true.

Heather said...

ummm - 'hi fi?' I think you're dating yourself ;-)

Reminds me of when my son noticed a sign in a restaurant and asked me, "What is 'Free Wife'?"