Sunday, November 02, 2008

Confirmation Sunday

We had a good day, a good weekend even. A lot of weird little things happened this morning like:

Leon had Bart iron his shirt, and then it got knocked over, and so he had me iron it again and then suggested it might not go with his pants so he wasn't going to wear it. I told him even if it clashed he was wearing it.

John had Bart iron his shirt but then Ivan, who is not a part of our family but might as well be, didn't have a nice shirt, so John let him wear it ... even though John is actually in our family and we were all dressed up. Whatever.

Salinda had a fit because the whole house needed to be VERY clean before her boyfriend came, so we got it cleaned, except our bedroom, which I thought I had locked this morning. When I went to check on them all because everyone was so quiet, I found 6 people in our very messy bedroom. Salinda was ironing stuff in there and so the three guests, plus Tony and Dominyk were in my bedroom with the unmade bed and the dirty clothes all over the floor, and the clean clothes that hadn't got put away everywhere....

I tested my camera by taking a picture of a confirmand that was not my son or daughter, and got yelled at by the photographer. So her dad didn't take a picture of her. And then my confirmands decided not to wait after he was done so I could snap their picture. Sigh. I have a really good picture of the girl though....

My kids didn't follow instructions and got confused about where to sit and what to do during the service.... (everyone but Jimmy and Salinda, they did fine).

We had a nice meal together -- all 19 of us -- and it all was actually a pretty good thing... but wow, the weird little things that can happen in a day around here.

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Angela :-) said...

Claudia, you look awesome!!!!

Oh--check out my blog to see what I'm finally getting around to posting. lol

Angela :-)