Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween -- Not so Happy All Saints Day

Last night was a good night. Bart went to get John, I took Tony with me to take Salinda and we all met back up for a meal at Taco John's as Tony had acquired some coupons for some free food. We ate together and then Bart when to the store for movie snacks while Wilson and Sadie got dressed up and ready to go trick or treating.

After they returned we all watched a PG movie together and then Bart and I went to bed. Everything was very calm.

Everything is still calm this morning -- except me. My computer would not turn on. All of my work stuff is there and it makes me absolutely NUTS that I'm not going to be able to get work done today. I'm so behind.

I have my old computer (the one the kids now use) hooked up in my office now and I'll survive. But I won't get a bunch of my stuff done and who knows if I'm going to have to replace the laptop, something we can't afford.

So we did have a Happy Halloween and hopefully today will start getting better.

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Kathleenb said...

Google "spinrite" - I've heard good things about it.