Monday, November 03, 2008

Snapping Turtles

My dreams are always interesting.

Last night, I had a dream that I actually went back to after a bathroom break. This happens to me often, where I return to a dream afer I've been awake for a while. In part one of the dream, I was planning to do a presentation with my college piano teacher, who was also a great mentor and friend to me and hundreds of other kids over the years. The title of our speech, which seemed ever so brilliant in the dream, was "Snapping Turtles."

I can still remember how it was going to be encapsulated: "If like slows you down to the pace of a turtle, at least don't let yourself become a snapping turtle." We were in awe of our inginuity and our creativity.

For some reason, part of the presentation was going to be teaching the audience, Food Neckwork (as Dominyk calls it) style, how to make her famous cinnamon rolls that she taught me to make back in college. There were several little glass bowls all lined up with the various ingredients and we were going to give quite the demonstration.

I woke up for a commercial I guess (my trip to the bathroom) and then returned to part one of the dream, which was Bart and I getting ready to leave to meet her in Texas, where we were to speak. Before leaving in the dream, Salinda had said she wanted to talk to mebut Sadie would not leave the room until I physically had to remove her. This took so long that I never got to figure out what she wanted to say. We had to leave for the airport.

When we arrived at the airport, me without phone or computer (see, this loss is affecting my psychy) we realized that I had left my ID at home. I was frantically telling Bart that I would drive back home to get it (80 miles one way) while he rescheduled the flight.

I'm not sure if we ever made it there or not -- we never actually did the presentation. And I'm certain that there are many people in Texas mourning because of it -- not because of my brilliant turtle metaphor, but because they would miss out on Naomi's cinnamon rolls....

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Naomi said...

Oh, how funny!! And to think you remember my cinnamon rolls. :) I now have a new, improved, better-than-ever version!
Please plan a trip to Colorado Springs to check them out!!
Thanks for the smiles
and memories,