Tuesday, November 04, 2008

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Yesterday I was borderline pathetic. Lost without my computer (I can't do much work without it and to explain why would bore you and take up way too much stuff) I was really just listless and accomplished very little.

I made mental plans to go to the coffee shop this morning, until I realized I don't have a laptop and there would be nothing to do there.

However, today, my 4th without the computer, I am going to put things into a more positive direction. It's my plan to do things that I never have time to do when my computer is working -- like organize my desk and files, maybe get school pictures ready to send to relatives, things like that. Maybe I'll get some writing done as well.

We'll see how far I get. I might just play computer games on this old machine, but I hope not.

at least at this time I am feeling somewhat motivated.

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