Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adult Children

Parenting our adult children sucks. Sorry, did i just say that? Well, yes, I did. And it does.

We have an agreement with Rand. Free room, board and transportation if he works 40 hours a week. If he doesn't work 40 a week, then he has to make up for it by working for us. And he doesn't want to. He argues and avoids and makes things so difficult. He's 20 and a half, and the way things are looking he will be living here for the rest of our lives. This morning Bart overheard him saying he "doesn't have to put up with this S***".

Well, listen buddy, you don't. Go on, move out. Take your stuff and walk somewhere. I told him this too. It's US who don't have to put up with it, not you. We're not the ones who are only making a hundred bucks a week. That's you. Frustrating.

And Kyle sometimes... well, let's just say he's often quite irritable with his father, to the point of making me want to scream.

Mike, of course, is in prison, but his antics as an adult have been troubling.

John to his credit is doing much better as an adult than he did as a teenager. He's downright fun to have around.....

But why I was thinking that parenting was going to end when these kids turned 18? It certainly hasn't -- in fact, sometimes it's harder.

I know we share the same plight as many do, but that still doesn't make it infuriating sometimes.


cloudmaster said...

I don't think you ever stop being a parent. We still worry about all of our kids. Even our 30 year old.

Marge said...

I have a 37 year old and a 40 year old that I could loan you! And I, too, am tired of it! But we keep on keeping on, don't we?

Julie said...

I am a virtual friend of Kari's. We have met in real life twice. That obligates me to read you blog too. And, I stopped by to say that because of this post I will have to re-evaluate my hopes and dreams. My daughter turns 17 in February. Parenting her has been less than pleasant for almost a year now... You see when you are 16 you have a boyfriend, a drivers license and all sorts of freedom that I haven't given her yet. I am holding her back "blah, blah, blah..." I did make her quit her first job; she was using it as an avenue to meet men, sneak out, use drugs, alcohol, etc.

And I was thinking it would get easier when she turned 18. I have been counting down the months. :o(