Friday, December 05, 2008

The First Big SIgh of Relief

I just submitted the last of my writing to the editor. He has been working hard on editing the first chapters, and I have completely finished the first draft of my writing. Now we start the excruciating editing process and the layout and design and all that. Hopefully once the book is actually available people are going to buy it! ;-)

Also, I created a new website to promote the training I did in Fort Worth in October. It really did turn out to be a valuable day for workers and the group helped me perfect the materials I had been using and gave excellent suggestions. The next time I give the presentation it will be even better.

If you know any social workers who have a part in matching, I'm hoping to schedule one of these events per month over the next year and the first 12 units who would like me to come and can cover expenses and a very small honorarium will be selected.

Feel free to forward the link on to anyone you know who might be interested. Here it is:

Matching Presentation

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Our Family said... are a wonder mom! I know..I know..sometimes even we as parents make mistakes...lot of them, right? But, I love the humor in your writing when you could be weeping! (which I am sure you do occasionally!)thanks for the reports...sometimes what you write is stereo in our home! (-; Come Lord Jesus...come!