Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How Do We Teach Them

Sandy commented on my rant yesterday asking how we teach them ... how we educate people so that they will better understand us and our children. I haven't thought it through completely, but here are some ideas.

1) Slowly and kindly teach everyone during the moment. This is most difficult to do when comments are offensive or challenge us, but our attitude and response are crucial in changing the opinions of people around us. We have to explain, explain, explain and explain again.

2) This is sort of like the first one, but we have to keep our words void of defensiveness. We need to choose our words carefully and even when attacked not respond in a way that leads anyone to believe that we have any thing to hide or that we believe we are guilty as accused.

3) Write and or Blog. I thiink that books, magazine articles, and blogging are a great way for us to get out our message. Sure, it takes time and not everyone is a great writer, but even blogging a few times a week can increase awareness for the general public. People enter my blog for a variety of reasons (like googling Burger King Wi-Fi, for example) and yet if they stay just a few minutes they might learn something. Entering stories in writing contests is another way.

4) Share your story publically whenever you can. Speaking in churches, in front of civic organizations and in other places can educate people who might not otherwise hear the message.

and 5) Never lose your sense of humor about things. This is sometimes very difficult as we all get so flustered, but if we can see the humor in our lives and remember to smile when we are in the midst of things that don't make us smile we can survive a lot more.

ANy body else have other ideas?

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Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

What about educating kids.. not the school your children go to but others. I think it is amazing how kids can educate their parents.

I have a friend, who has a cousin that has lead a very hard life. Her mother drank and did drugs while pregnant and abandoned her child and the father when "K" was a toddler. Your blog and many others along with my pre-adoption training is helping explain to my friend why K is possibly the way she is in addition to her being bi-polar. Before this I would have been "what ever.. she just needs to grow up. pull her self up and get a life..." Now I know she may really not be able to.

Thank you... Meg :)