Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mark Your Calendars

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children's Action Network are pleased to present the tenth annual A Home for the Holidays television special on CBS, December 23, 2008 from 7:00-8pm.

Each December, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children's Action Network present A Home for the Holidays, a CBS network television special bringing together all-star talent to raise awareness for foster care adoption.

A Home for the Holidays shares, through the eyes of a child, the joy of having a family - not just for the holidays, but every day and forever.

In 2007, the celebrity line-up included Sheryl Crow, James Blunt, Karmina, Carole King, and Reba McEntire. David Krumholtz, comedian George Lopez and René Russo are among the celebrities that presented inspirational stories of extraordinary families who shared the joys found through foster care adoption.

This year's event features Faith Hill, Melissa Etheridge, Kristin Chenoweth and many others.

A Home for the Holidays is a nationally televised entertainment program designed to not only raise awareness about foster care adoption but to also enhance recruitment efforts nationwide. Its key objective is to promote a positive image of foster care adoption and the children who wait.

If previous shows are any indication, this year’s program is sure to make a difference in the lives of families and waiting children throughout the nation. Consider these impressive numbers:

· In nine years, thousands of viewers have called to inquire about adoption as a direct result of the show.

· Adoptions have occurred – directly attributed to A Home for the Holidays.

· A survey of A Home for the Holidays viewers reveals that nearly 85% had an improved opinion about children in foster care after watching the show. Nearly 96% of the viewers surveyed said that A Home for the Holidays increased their awareness about waiting children, and 76% believed the program helped them learn more about adoption.


Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

Those are not "bad" results at all... Now if we just get the comunity to provide teh services families need after adoption it would be great. (this is a huge fear of mine)

I will make an effort to DVR it.

Amy said...

A Home for the Holidays 2 years ago is what brought my husband and myself into the foster/adopt world. God bless the people that put it together.