Friday, January 02, 2009

It's About Empowerment

This morning I wrote about empowerment on my weight loss/dieting blog. I'm determined to once again feel the energy and power that comes from taking on my own self and winning. i have known the feeling -- from March to September of this last year -- the feeling of being my own master. And I liked it. I need to do it again.

I have a full day planned -- taking some time out to spend with the girls. Salinda's last crisis could have been escalated into horrible stress here, but my learning to keep my mouth shut and letting her work through things seems to be helping. She is gradually starting to do what she is supposed to do and will most likely be on track if I can just leave her alone it seems. So, after my journey to the Y and then a home visit for my job, I will take the girls to lunch and then to see NIghts of Rodanthe (coming Kari -- waited until today for you) at 1. Then we'll spend some Kohl's cash before it expires and then call it a day -- come back here and try to get my work done this afternoon and tonight.

In my experience, January is one of the busiest months for me professionally. It is as though everyone who has been taking time off comes back energized and ready for another year.... so I know the next few weeks I'll be swamped.

But if I can keep on top of my diet and exercise and feel like I am in control of myself, I know I will be more productive and a better parent...

Now I just have to figure out how to empower my kids...

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