Monday, May 18, 2009


The news that I haven't bothered to actually type out is confirmed as per a doctor this morning. But since Bart blogged it already, I suppose I shouldn't be afraid of writing the words. Thing is, every time I say it it just makes it more real. And I am not sure I want it to be real.

However, the good news is that it wasn't a bad day in regards to my relationship with my daughter. i had feared she would return with decisions already made and, to her credit, she spent the weekend insisting that her parents would be involved in her decision making process. I was so proud of her for that piece.

Anyway, we have decided not to go too far ahead in our thinking and just make one decision at a time. Today we chose the OB/GYN and bought vitamins. I told her that she needed to focus on three things:

1) Passing as many classes as possible;

2) Eating right (she has been losing weight and shouldn't be);

3) Work on improving her relationship with her parents since she was going to be needing us quite a bit over the next few weeks.

So far she is working up the courage to tell the rest of her siblings. I insisted she tell her sister on Friday so she texted her (don't get me started) but I think that she hates saying it because it makes it more real.

John had court and all they did was set bail. Apparently his girlfriend texted Salinda to ask me if we would pay half if her mom paid the other half.

I don't think so for let's see.

30 reasons...

good grief.

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Linda up north said...

Oh Claudia, Remember God can and does bring some of the most wonderful blessings out of seemingly unfortunate circumstances. May He do so for all of you.