Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Hated It

Well, based on the love that many fellow adoptive moms I have met have for gardening, I decided this was the summer that I was going to grow something. A couple months ago we started some seeds and it was my plan to do something manageable -- a salsa garden. Let's just say it didn't go well....

Most of the plants died. We started so many of them. It was pretty sad. It seemed like everything I got near died.

But we bought some plants and I decided today that I was going to transplant them. I went outside, leaving my computer which is oh so fun to touch, and I headed into the heat. The garden patch we were going to use had since sprung up some nasty weeds that were very very prickly and even with gloves on they hurt my hands.

So I moved to another patch and planted a few things and I hated every single minute of it. I hate to say that -- I feel as though I have some character deficit, but I was hot and sweaty. And I didn't enjoy the dirt on my hands or under my nails. I couldn't get anything to fit in the ground correctly. The soil was too dry and then I watered it and it was too wet.

I made it about 45 minutes, with Sadie, Wilson and DOminyk helping me and then I just couldn't take it any more. I hated it. Seriously hated it. Have i mentioned that I hated it?

So I am not a super woman gardener. I figure per hour, everything else pays more.

I'm spending my time in front of the computer instead. Sorry ladies.


vicsens said...

LOL...sounds like something I might write IF I tried to garden. I keep saying I WANT a garden, because I love the idea of all the fresh veggies...but I know I would hate the dirt, heat, weed pulling and any bugs I might encounter along the way!! Not all of us can be gardeners, but we can be way good at other things!

jen said...

Next year if you want to try again buy one of those little boxes from and plant just one box. It holds maybe four tomato plants or two tomatoes and two green peppers. Small garden = success which makes you want to do it again. I did one box and then two and now a big garden.

Nobody said...

I think Jen is right. Gardening is one of those things you build up running a marathon. Start small and maybe you won't totally hate it. Or maybe you will anyhow. I always plant in the spring with an eye on summer coming, and how much I HATE working out in the hot sun. I hate to sweat, and burn, and get dizzy and lightheaded. So my plants must be hearty or they will die.

patti said...

Me too! I dug up a 3'x2' patch of grass and wanted to quit before I was finished with that. Cindy always makes it sound so rewarding, but um, there's bugs out there. That bite you. And then bother you for like two weeks. And its really HOOOTT. So I planted four tomato plants and one green pepper - I can't even make salsa with my garden. If I get any tomatoes this year, we'll see about next. But I like the inside with the computer too.

Jerolyn Bogear said...

Try a container garden. I'm doing it this year and really enjoy it. No weeds.