Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a Long Way to Indiana (Sung to the tune of "It's a Long Way to Tipperary "

Before 5 a.m. this morning I had a dream that I was in the airport. I was going to speak at an adoption conference but I wasn't sure where it was. My brother was supposed to be travelling with me and he wasn't at the airport yet. I was busy during this portion of the dream frantically searching on my Iphone to discover what the name of the conference was and where it was located. I was unsuccessful.

I woke up and went to the bathroom about five and then went back to bed.

In this segment of the dream, or should we say, Episode 2, Season 1, I discovered that where I was heading was Indianapolis. My brother still was not at the airport (because he was having an argument with our PCA, who he has never met since my brother lives in San Francisco) about how my brother had wrecked the PCAs car. He was on his way to the airport, but told me to check in. I had to ride a shuttle to get rid of my luggage and then took the shuttle back to the airport.

I woke up and went to the bathroom about six thirty and then went back to bed.

Much to my surprise, in Episode 3 of Season 1, I discovered I had left my laptop sitting at the gate area where we had returned after we had taken the shuttle to drop off the luggage. I was very upset with myself. I wandered around a while and finally found the gate where I was supposed to be sitting. I kept calling my mother for help (which, considering how much she hates traveling, is hilariously ironic, and she was trying to help me find my brother. He finally showed up complaining that his knee was hurting from all the walking (since his knee was injured when he was in his early 20s, I think I was getting my decades mixed up.

I woke up and Bart was already up (about 7:15) and I told him -- I know I should be getting up, but I just have to get to Indiana. I went back to sleep.

Finally, in Episode 4 of Season 1, I found the gate where I thought I was supposed to sit. I got on my laptop and started doing email and blogging, etc, when I realized that it was long past time for the plane to leave. By this time Sadie had joined me and we were standing in line to tell the guy behind the counter that my brother had somehow made it on the flight but I had not but since I was the SPEAKER, I really needed to get there. I explained the whole story to find out that he didn't even work at the airport. I was waiting for a real airline employee to come and help me decide if I should fly to Chicago and drive or drive all night long. Because after all, i was the SPEAKER. ;-)

And I woke up at 8:40 and realized that I really needed to just get up and not go to Indiana.

But there is a bright side -- at least I ended up not going to Indiana instead of Hawaii, or the Bahamas, or the Rocky Mountains, or well, or any other place really. (I've been to Indiana. There is really no compelling reason to return).

(Just kidding, Sheri .... and any one else from Indiana).

And at least this dream didn't involve a juvenile probation chimichanga-breeding work farm.

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