Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Day Ahead

If you have ever had the luxury of having the same person cut your hair for years, you'll know how once you leave that person you never really get a good haircut again. Fortunately, I have a family 15 miles from the town where we used to live so today I am heading over there to be a part of placing children in their home. And I get a PERM! I have been waiting for weeks for this and my hair is way too long. I haven't had a perm in forever and haven't had a good cut since the last time I drove "back home" to get one.

Just a quick aside. Pat O'Brien, from You Gotta Believe, often asks women about Perm. He said, "Have you ever had a Perm?" and then asks, "How long did it last?" He then points out that it really shouldn't be called a Permanent but a Temporary. He then talks about the stupidity (though he might use a nicer word) of calling something "Permanent Foster Care." The only thing permanent is a family.

So I will drive, get my perm, try to find someone to have lunch with as the person I was planning to eat with cancelled, and then head to the placement. On the way home I have a post placement visit and then will be arriving home in time for an evening meeting.

The past couple weeks we have been really busy. Our schedules have been full and Bart has been out of town. Amazingly, our kids have been SO good. With Rand's help with transportation and a PCA working, they've been able to handle me being in and out. They have helped fix meals, done their chores and gotten along fairly well....

Hopefully I didn't jinx them....

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Yondalla said...

ahem... permanent placement foster care is not shown to be bad because it shares a word with a hair treatment. I work in a program which takes kids whose adoption placements were disrupted, whose adoptions were dissolved.

I know this isn't you. I know that you are committed to doing what is best for lots of kids and you don't deserve a rant in your general direction...but the idea that there is one solution for every kid pisses me off. Especially when I am meeting the kids for whom that perfect solution failed.