Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Prior to Church

I've been up thirty minutes and received a Dunn Brother's gift card from Rand -- very insightful, appropriate, and a complete surprise because he went and got it without direction or assistance. I know he's 20 but with FAS, that's still an accomplishment...

And Wilson gave me the cutest gift in school -- a Time Magazine announcing me as "mother of the year" It has lots and lots of writing that he did and if I have time I'll copy some of it into here later on.

John texted me at 12:02 to be the first to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

Tony after being reminded by others, muttered Happy Mother's Day and then has been doing his best to make sure it isn't one.

Kyle will be 30 minutes from us today but it's looking like he and his girfriend will be too busy to join us even though they have nothing scheduled -- they must have saved all of their work to do today....

Sadie said, "Happy Mother's Day" very sweetly, but then had to say "Salinda sure is cranky." I mentioned that i could have done fine not having that piece of information yet and that hopefully she would pull herself together before we had to leave so that I could pretend she was enjoying herself while she did her best to fake it. She has agreed to go along with us today, even though I gave her a choice. I'm hoping she can at least be silent if not nice.

I am trying to make this a low key day -- have it be more about soccer than Mother's Day. We'll see how that goes for me.

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