Friday, May 22, 2009

Persistence, Determination, Optimism and Hope

I have a daughter who is very much like me. And no, it isn't Salinda. ;-)

She is one of those people who has tons of faith, believes in herself, and demonstrates character. She thinks there is nothing she can't do and won't listen to reason. In a lot of ways, she's like me. But even more so.

This was proven in many ways when she prayed for an orange formal gown.

But most recently she asked me if they hired 14 year olds at McDonald's. I told her no (because that is what I had heard). I told her that Rand and Jimmy and John and Mike had all tried to get a job there and, unlike my perosnality, I just told her not to bother to apply until she was over.

But she told me she was goign to do everything I told her to do -- because the boys don't listen to me -- and she was going to get a job. So she asked me what to do first and i told her to fill out the online applicatoin. I warned her it was difficult (I had helped others with it) but she did it anyway. She sat in our room and answered all the questions with just a little help from us in deciphering them.

When she finished she asked me what to do. I told her to wait a week and call. Exactly one week later she called. Much to my surprise they told her to come in for an interview. I mentioned that they probably forgot to look up her birthday.... but I took her to the interview. Then she asked me what to do next. I told her to wait a week and call back.

She did and they told her to come in for an orientation and the rest is history. She started tonight and did great.

And I was taught a huge lesson about not ever telling someone something can't be done. Might be wrong. ;-)

I'm SO proud of her!


Mom of 7 said...

What an awesome kid!

Corrine said...

A girl who knows what she wants, and how to get it!

Good job, Kiddo!!

MamaKate said...

Love it! Good for her!

FAScinated said...

Yeah Sadie! Now I can go and order some french fries and one of those barely-qualifies-as-coffee fru-fru whipped cream topped lattes from her. :-)

Spinner said...

Terrific! Please tell her how proud we all are of her!

yolie said...

That's fantastic, Claudia! I think working at a young age is one of the things that helped me learn responsibility and accountability. I bought my own car at 16 and think I respect things and money more than some who never had to work for it. Tell her good job from me!

Susan said...

Way to go Sadie!

Tuba said...

woo hoo! You go, Sadie!