Sunday, May 03, 2009

Right Hand Girl

Mercedes and I had such a nice day yesterday. She was by my side almost every minute of the day, helping, chatting, listening... and even though we worked hard she concluded it was a great day.

Attachment makes such a difference. The kids who have a healthy attachment and are free from an FASD diagnosis are able to understand how doing things for and with their parents creates good positive feelings that create an ever-expanding relationship of trust. They get rewards that may not be immediate or obvious, but are significant. Having our trust and approval leads to a harmonious relationship which is worth more than any of the immediate rewards that have to be provided to some of the other kids in order to get them to comply.

This morning I'm having a quiet hour as Tony and Dominyk went to early service with Bart's mom and aunt. Rand and Jimmy went with Bart and the others are awake but happy to be enjoying a quiet home. We'll head to the 10:00 service and then attend second service.

I have a couple meetings this afternoon and a work project that must be mailed before I leave town. I need to pack as well... and probably will need to pick up Salinda. She says she has a ride but that usually doesn't end up happening. But I have asked Rand if he is willing, but he is downright refusing to go, which he usually does when I really need him. His refusal when he is living here for free is starting to get on my nerves...

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