Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sun is Shining Outside

and it's a beautiful day to be alive.....

I've been to the YMCA already this morning.... and i'm home already with a half hour before I have to wake anyone up for school. I have a court hearing this morning and then several details to sort out today as well as being back up to 175 emails. I had actually worked my way down to 100 before the busy weekend started.

Lately life has been speeding along at a horribly fast pace. Days rush by and each one has so much to pack into it. Most of the kids are doing quite well, though, and so it's just a matter of getting people where they need to be. We are now in a place with a couple of the kids that have to events at the same time and we have to prioritize.

I'm feeling the residual effects of Tylenol PM that I took last night and I'm groggy...... Not a good way to begin such a busy day.

The girls took this picture on their phone yesterday at the game. Even though Salinda had very little to say, it was nice to have her along.

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