Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wireless at the Library

I'm at the library following the perm appointment which was enjoyable because I so hate having my hair done by strangers. Small talk is not me. I either want to talk about stuff that matters or I want the person to SHUT THE .. well, to shut up ... and so I endure their chatter until it's time to leave. Well, when my friend cuts my hair we can talk bout things that matter and since she just spent the last six months helping her daughter take care of her new daughter so her daughter could graduate from High School -- and yes, you are supposed to be able to figure that out even though it has a lot of unidentified daughters -- we had plenty to talk about. And I know that was a run on sentence so there.

And Yondalla -- I will get back to responding to your rant. I actually was glad to piss you off because I figure you're famous and so making you mad might bring me more readership -- but then I realized that was just plain sick. So I am not really glad to make you mad, but I think that when I do explain myself in regards to the impermanency of permanent foster care, we might actually agree more than you think. And then things will calm down and people stop reading my blog again. ;-)

sorry, i'm in a weird mood. Consider this Claudia unabridged, or unabashed, or uncensored -- well, kind of uncensored.

I am all proud of myself because I'm in the library working while I wait for the plane to land with the new kids going to the family here. And I was cranking through email like crazy -- until I realized that suddenly nothing is sending. So now I'm a bit frustrated and therefore am blogging.

Time is ticking away -- if the plane doesn't land soon I won't make it to my meeting in time to make it to my meeting in time to make it to my meeting. ANd I need to make it to my meeting.

OK, enough is enough. Tell me to shut up now.

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