Thursday, May 07, 2009

You just have to get through them

Occasionally I whine about my inbox. Since a lot of my work centers around email and online connections I often have quite a bit. Usually I start to get edgy when I have 100 that need attention and this morning I'm starting the day with 204. What is the next step up from edgy?

Often when I am on trips I can make a lot of progress with my email, but the first night I got in late and was more tired than usual and then I didn't sleep well, so the second night I was even more tired. So even though I worked on it, I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped.

Today I must tackle it between two conference calls and a doctor's appointment for Leon.

I wish I could close my eyes and have everything there dealt with. I wish I could will it away. I wish that my lot in life could be different some days. But I just have to get through them.

I think my inbox is a great metaphor for some of the things in my life. I wish I could freeze a couple of my kids like Mel Gibson in Forever Young and just wake them up after they were no longer my legal responsibility. I wish I could will them to change -- to force them to be different.

But just like each email in my inbox, I have to live through each day one at a time. There is very little I can change and I can't skip anything.

A couple of situations (Salinda of course, being one of them) are bothering me and I just want to be in a fairy tale where I can wish them away. I want to fix everything with a blink of an eye. I want magic.

But sometimes you just have to get through them. So fortunately, for me, I have a God big enough to give me the strength to go through these days one at a time.

I'll have enough grace, I'll have enough strength, I'll have what it takes, not only to get through my email, but to get through this day, and the day after that, and the day after than.

So inbox, kids, life --- bring it on!

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