Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The "F****** Church Stuff" or "There's a First Time for Everything"

Mike called Bart yesterday and for the first time in our lives we have two sons incarcerated simultaneously. Not to sound judgmental, but it just occurred to me that most people who are in this situation probably don't write sentences like that. But I digress.

Bart asked him why and he replied, "That F**** Church Stuff. Sorry, pardon the language." I asked Bart, "Are the word F***** and Church even allowed in the same sentence?"

But again, I digress.

Anyway, apparently we had paperwork here waiting for him to pick up that told him he was still on probation after he got out of the state pen in March and he hasn't talked to us for a month so we couldn't get it to him. He thought his probation was over -- and it was -- in this county, but not in a neighboring county where he broke into our church last year.

So he's in jail and really not even sure how he got there, except he just didn't do what they said but how could he know if he didn't get the mail? And how could we get the mail to him if he moved and never told us where he went?

I have a feeling he is going to spend a great deal of time in the future perplexed as to how he has arrived at where he is. Sigh.


Torina said...

I heart you, Claudia. You make two kids in jail seem comical. Thanks for the chuckle.

Corrine said...

Awwwwww. Claudia.
I am thinking of you, and remembering "Murphy's Law".